Imagine having that “2-beers deep” feeling of calmed-nerves… but with the ability to focus like an elite athlete.

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Calmer Mind

I was playing with some colleagues who I was trying to impress so I was a little too ramped up. I took a GoLow and by the next hole I was calmer and I played much better. I never play golf without it now.

– Keenan U.

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Better Focus

I could feel it working almost immediately. It’s hard to describe, but everything just seemed crystal clear and simpler. I shot lower than I had in months. Totally locked in! 

– Richard O.

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Greater Confidence

I sometimes get anxious in public situations and shrink down. But on GoLow I feel far more confident in myself. Not sure how it works but I want to feel this way every day!

– Vidya R.

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Margins of victory are small. Over the last 80 Masters tournaments, 70% have been won by 2 shots or less. That’s less than 1/2 stroke per round difference between being a legend, and being forgotten.

For Golfers Who Can Break 100… Double & Triple Bogeys Are Almost NEVER A Swing Problem, They’re A Focus Problem.*

What if you could step up and take a calm, controlled and confident swing in ANY situation?

The biggest thing that separates the guys who win vs the guys who lose is their ability to stay calm, focused, and confident under pressure.*

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Increase Your: Focus, Ability To Perform, and Confidence Under Pressure.*

Focus Like A Pro!

Experience a calming effect with alert focus.

Enhances the sensation of confidence and intent.*

Feel It Working Almost Instantly.

Here’s What Other People are Saying About

Completely Shocked!

I golf a lot, but wasn’t able to break 80 for months. I started using GoLow during rounds and immediately started shooting in the mid to low 70s consistently. I even shot my first round in the 60s in years! I’m totally convinced this works.

Allen P., Utah

Verified Buyer

Will Get It Again, Definitely Works!

I was out to prove this wrong the first time I tried it. But in all seriousness I’ve never had anything affect me the way this did. I was in the zone and performed the best I can remember in a long time.

Teveka M., California

Verified Buyer

Helped In Baseball

I play college baseball and I started using GoLow during practices. I noticed myself hitting the ball off the sweet spot much more consistently; even my coaches noticed. I moved up from 6th in the lineup to 3rd. I can’t wait to test this out in the games next year!

Chris M., California

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It Works!

I shot the best round I’ve shot in over a year the very first time I tried it. It can’t be a coincidence. I was locked in!

Julius M., Florida

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It is so good! I started playing better and almost got a hole-in-one the first day I tried it. I’m hooked.

Ploy A., Minnesota

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Absolutely Worth Trying

All my little anxieties go away and I don’t feel so in my head over-thinking everything. I even took it when I had a migraine and it helped me take the pain from 8/10 to 4/10.

Alice P., Nevada

Verified Buyer

What’s Inside


The L-Theanine used in our product (which is typically found in green tea) undergoes a patented enzymatic fermentation process which increases digestibility and provides additional health benefits. This helps promote relaxation, while increasing concentration and mental acuity. It also stimulates the production of alpha brain waves (relaxed, alert state often achieved by meditation) while reducing beta brain waves (awake, excited state) without drowsiness.*


Ginseng helps support cognitive function while reducing mental fatigue and is believed to enhance physical capacity and performance. It also helps increase energy and resistance to stress.*


Promotes alertness and wakefulness and it believed to enhance cognitive performance as well as motor performance.*


Helps manage and reduce stress while boosting energy levels and expanding happiness. It also helps improve mental cognitive health, mood, fatigue and vitality.*


The traditional use of hops in Herbal Medicine was to help relieve restlessness and/or nervousness while acting as a calming agent.*


Antioxidant that protects your cells against the effects of free radicals (UV rays, pollutants, etc). Vitamin C is also essential for proper adrenal function since the more stressed you are, the more Vitamin C your body uses up. If Vitamin C gets depleted it releases more cortisol, your ”fight-or-flight” hormone which can throw your body out of wack as well as weaken your immune system.*

Science Tested. Athlete Approved.

The scientists behind GoLow have an extensive and diverse background of over 50 combined years of creating and testing health, performance, and nutritional products.

GoLow is the result of years of working with athletes and listening to what they want most in a performance product. It is designed to enhance calm alert focus and confidence. The sensation athletes refer to as “the zone”.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can i expect to feel on Go Low?

Most people will notice a very smooth conversion to a calmer, more confident state of mind within 15-20 minutes*. Others don’t notice much until they play golf without Go Low and realize how much more distracted they are without it.  The absence of nerves, tension, and overthinking are hard to notice, so sometimes people don’t realize how effortless things feel until they are in the same situation without Go Low*.

Q: Does Go Low contain CBD?

There is no CBD in Go Low.

Q: Is Go Low approved for competition?

There are no ingredients in Go Low that would trigger a positive drug test. Go Low is produced in a cGMP compliant facility and then re-tested by a third-party company to ensure quality.

Q: Can I use Go Low for other activities besides golf?

Go Low will help in many aspects of life. Much of our feedback from users is about times they use it off the golf course because it helps them feel less nervous throughout the day and more confident and calm. Go Low will work for any situation where you’d like to be more confident, clear-headed, and relaxed*. From competing for a major championship, to giving a presentation in front of an arena full of people, to going on a first date.

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